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Prizee Hack Review – Detailed Review

Hey! This is my blog about Prizee Hack, the product I am going to review.

But first of all, let’s find out what is Prizee.


Prizee is a wonderful place where you can get amazing prizes for just playing the games. Prizes can range from simple things such as key rings to a TV’s, consoles and many more. Sounds awesome, right?

Prizee supports following languages on they’re website:







Which sums in total 6 languages Prizee platform is friendly with.

Prizee Currency:




You can win Bubz. Zeep, Jetons by playing one of 4 games types Prizee company is offering:

1) Legendary Games

2) Secret Games

3) Free Games

4) The Challenge Games

I guess you got a hang of what Prizee company is.

Now let’s move to an actual Prizee Hack review!

Prizee Hack – picture of preview:
prizee hack preview

resources I had to make this review:

1) Proxy to hide my real IP

2) Prizee hack (obviously)

3) New account I registered

What I have done:

Fired up that tool with administrator right and it started right away. I logged to my account. Typed my Prizee email address and clicked blue “connect” button to make it connect to the server. Then, I immediately choose 500 bubz, 500 zeep and finally 500 jetons. Then, lastly I clicked blue “generate” button which started the whole proccess.

After it was done, I logged to my account and surprisingly I found 500 prizee bubz zeeps and of course jetons. I couldn’t believe that it was true. But actually it was. I already ordered some things with those Bubz I generated this hack application.

I am going to generate more Prizee Bubz once my items will arrive to just be on the safe side and don’t get my account banned.

So, this tool really works and you really try it out.